About Me

A creative by desire and a creative visualiser by profession. I hail from the ever vibrant and
vivacious Mumbai (India), currently anchored in Dubai, UAE. I firmly believe that design
has the power to sway human behaviour and make the world a truly beautiful place. The experience of having lived and worked in a multi-cultural, multi ethnic environment has influenced and evolved my work over the years. I love conversing with fonts and colours
in a metaphysical language, I see them as manifestations of real life forms. Like me.
Like You. Although I have 14+ yearsof experience working as an Art Director,
I play several other nuanced rolesas a Trend spotter, Team Player, Non -conformist, Social spectator, Budget traveller, Day dreamer, Doting dad and a near frenzied toy collector. Sherlock Holmes would certainly not have taken kindly to my rehashing of his famous quote to – “It’s Elementary design, dear miss Watson”.